How Does a Car Alternator Work?

Our Ed Martin Acura team boasts its fair share of auto enthusiasts who love discussions of all things auto parts. The alternator is arguably among the most important and unsung of all auto parts. How does a car alternator work actually? Read on to find out.

Keeping Your Car Battery Charged

An alternator is a generator. Using mechanical energy from your vehicle's motion, say, as it's traveling over roads in your neighborhood, your alternator creates electrical energy your car uses to power its electrical systems. This electricity flows through the battery to your car's electrical systems while at the same time keeping the battery fully charged.

The Importance of a Fully Charged Battery

A fully charged battery supplies the spark that initiates the starter, crankshaft and engine without which your engine won't turn over. After the engine turns over and your car starts rolling, the alternator quickly transforms energy from motion into electricity to maintain smooth function of auto electrical systems like the defroster, power features, infotainment system, radiator fan, and headlights.

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