Advice for Using a Roof Rack

At Ed Martin Acura, we believe it should be stress-free to add extra cargo space to your vehicle. Adding a roof rack to the car that you drive around the country can let you carry a cargo box or attach sporting equipment with ease.

What Should You Know About Roof Rack Weight Limits?

The roof of your car has a certain weight limit that must be respected. This weight might be less than the rating of your rack, so be sure to understand both numbers before loading your cargo. When you're not using your rack, removing it will increase the gas mileage of your car by decreasing wind resistance.

For transporting long items, you'll need to secure both the front and back end of them to prevent wind from ripping it off. Unsecured canoes, lumber, or surfboards that are caught by the wind can break the bolts holding the rack to your car and cause extensive damage.



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