Steering Issues Put You at Risk on the Road

Here at Ed Martin Acura, we want to answer your common questions about vehicle performance and terminology. What's the difference between understeering and oversteering? We are here to explain these conditions to you so that you can safely explore.


Understeering is when the driver wants to turn the vehicle but the car turns less than the driver demanded. This most commonly happens in cars that are rear-wheel drive.


Oversteering happens when the car steers more than the driver wanted, causing the rear of the car to swing around from side to side. This is more common on front-wheel-drive cars.

Although either case can happen on either front or rear-wheel drive, one of the main causes of both understeering and oversteering is a strong engine. If you happen to be in the area, cruise on over to our dealership, where we will be happy to take you on a test drive in one of our countless selection of automobiles.



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