Vehicle Knowledge: Let's Learn About Gaskets

We make it a priority to keep our customers informed about their vehicles. Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets that are used to seal two surfaces together. This will prevent fluids and gases from leaking and mixing.

There are many kinds of gaskets, which include head gaskets, intake multifold gaskets, exhaust multifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets. Gaskets are usually multi-surface steel, but they can also be made of copper, rubber, and other materials. They are long-lasting and made to handle extreme heat. With time and wear, they will need to be replaced. If you don't replace a deteriorating gasket, then it could cause damage to your vehicle.

You can look out for bubbling, gurgling, and foaming coming from the radiator. This may indicate that there is a hole in a gasket from high levels of compression. When you check your oil, look out for a white substance, which may surface on the dip stick. This is another indicator of a failing gasket.



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