Time to Renew Your Car for Spring

With spring in full swing, you may notice your travel bug becoming a little more insistent. At Ed Martin Acura, we want to ensure you can enjoy many happy miles ahead, whether you stay in town or travel across the country. To help with that, here are a few spring car care tips.

To prepare for the extra dust that's often associated with the warmer months, spring is a great time to replace your vehicle's air filters. New air filters will help your engine run more efficiently and keep the interior of your car smelling fresh. It's also essential to have any engine issues, such as a rough idle or hard start, addressed during the spring since the air conditioner will place an extra-heavy load on the engine.

The best way to ensure your car is ready for spring is to stop by our service department so they can take a look. A skilled technician will give your vehicle a thorough inspection to ensure everything is good to go.



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