Prevent Engine Trouble by Maintaining Your Radiator

You don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a new engine. Yet, that could happen if you fail to maintain your vehicle's radiator and coolant system. Preventive care of your radiator isn't difficult or costly. There are a couple of things to remember to do on a regular basis. You should have your radiator routinely flushed according to the recommended schedule provided in your vehicle's owner's manual.

The second thing to remember is to have various components of your cooling system checked for wear and tear. You can checked radiator hoses for leaks and cracks yourself. This can be done quickly just by looking at them. A cracked, leaky hose leads to an overheated engine.

If you need radiator hoses replaced, or have any other servicing needs, we at Ed Martin Acura are here for you. Drop by and let us service your vehicle. Our team will keep you on the road!



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