What to Do And What to Avoid in a Front Wheel Skid

There are many types of skids that you need to know about so that you can apply the correct procedure in correcting the skid. There is the front-wheel skid and the rear-wheel skid as well as other types of skids that you need to know about.

When it comes to the front-wheel skid, you are going to have to lighten up on the accelerator at first. Then correct the path on the vehicle. For vehicles with manual transmission, you want to depress the clutch in order to work towards gaining control of your vehicle. Also, apply the brakes.

One thing you want to avoid when it comes to applying the brakes is braking too suddenly. When you do that, you wind up causing your wheels to lock and then you will be in greater trouble while trying to return control over your vehicle unless you have anti-lock brakes.



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