Spot the Difference Between an Oversteer and Understeer

One thing our team at Ed Martin Acura will do from time to time is pass along information that can make driving safer. Here are some of the ways to spot the differences between an oversteer and understeer in your vehicle.

When the car is dealing with an understeer, the vehicle will leave the road in many instances. As you turn the wheel, the tires tend to skid instead of turn, and your vehicle will drift into the shoulder and beyond, depending on the severity of this condition. The driver is going to basically have little response from the steering wheel in this case.

With the oversteer, the front tires grip the road better than rear tires, so what results is the vehicle fish-tailing. The rear of the vehicle will skid around, basically turning the car around and putting you in a very dangerous position either in your lane or in oncoming traffic.



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