The Ins and Outs of Blind Spot Monitoring Systems

In a quest to put ever-safer vehicles on the road, more and more auto manufacturers are equipping their new car, truck and van models with blind spot monitoring technology. Keep reading to find out how these safety control systems can benefit you and your family.

All vehicles come standard with rear-view and side mirrors that allow the driver to see an approaching vehicle in an adjacent lane. However, it’s possible for an approaching vehicle to be located in a spot that’s not visible in any mirror. A blind spot monitoring system notifies the driver if that’s the case by triggering a visible alert on the vehicle’s side mirror.

If you’re interested in trying out a vehicle with blind spot monitoring for yourself, the staff of Ed Martin Acura is here to help. We’re standing by to tell you more about these and other high-tech safety systems, and we’ll gladly set up a personal road test for you so that you can learn more.



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