Keep Belts & Hoses in Good Repair to Avoid Breakdowns

Drivers who don't pay attention to the condition of the numerous belts and hoses that help keep their cars running smoothly often end up on the side of the road, waiting for an emergency repair truck. The technicians working hard in our Acura service department alert all of our customers whenever they notice belts or hoses that have cracks, breaks, or leaks.

Did you know that everything from the fuel line and the radiator to the air conditioner and the brakes depends upon having either a belt or hose connected to it to help it do its job? Over the course of time, these essential belts and hoses become worn and start displaying cracks, tiny holes, and breaks that can result in more expensive repairs needed down the road.

At Ed Martin Acura, we encourage our customers to be proactive and stop by to have their hoses and belts checked in our service department. This is especially beneficial before taking any long trips.



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