Discover the Perks of Android Auto

Android Auto is a popular in-vehicle technology that allows you to be hands-free while you drive around town. Many vehicles at Ed Martin Acura are Android Auto compatible, making it easy for you to use voice commands for music, phone calls, navigation, and other apps.

The Google Assistant makes it easy for you to interact with your apps. You can use the voice command button on your steering wheel or say, “Okay Google” in order to get started. Then, you can have the assistant play music playlists, find directions, locate an ebook, and much more.

You can also take a hands-free approach to staying connected. With the Google Assistant, you can read and reply to emails, texts, and messenger chats. It’s completely safe, too, because your hands never leave the steering wheel. Plus, you can keep your attention focused on the road in front of you.



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