Acura Extended Warranty

Do you need an Acura Extended Warranty?

It’s a pretty common question, “should I get the extended warranted from my Acura?” It’s a valid question, and we have two answers. First: We hope you won’t need the extended warranty. Acura cars and SUV’s are built to the highest standards, and have the perfect blend of performance, reliability and luxury. Whether you’re getting an Acura ILX or and RDX, you’re getting quality.

That said, with all of the technology and innovation that goes into a new model Acura, having to pay for a major repair could hurt your wallet. The standard warranty is a four year/50,000-mile comprehensive warranty, and the powertrain warranty is up to six years and 70,000 miles. And while that’s impressive on its own, you’re certainly going to be driving your Acura much longer than that. With an extended warranty, your Acura will be covered for the many miles to come. And it does much more than cover car repairs. When it comes time to sell your Acura, if the warranty hasn’t expired yet, it can be transferred to a new owner. That means higher resale values.

The Acura extended warranty is an investment for your car. While we hope you don’t have to use it, if the time comes, you’ll know Acura has you covered. If you have more questions, which we’re sure you do, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable staff.

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