Keep the Wheels at the Same Speed

When you're driving on a road, the differential allows for driving the wheels of the vehicle while also making them rotate at the various speeds of which you drive. The RPMs of the wheels will be proportional so that there is an equal speed between the tires, whether they are turning or going straight.

If the differential is damaged, there are a few signs that you might notice. You might hear a shrill or whining noise while you're decelerating. You could also hear a whining sound while you're accelerating over a small speed. Sometimes, there will be a rumbling sensation from the tires while you're driving.

When you're traveling a short distance or you're taking off from a stop, you might notice a clunking sound from the front of your vehicle. Someone at Ed Martin Acura can examine your vehicle to determine if the differential needs to be replaced or if there are issues with other parts.



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